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These guys are the absolute best in the business! Highly recommend them in any case! They went above and beyond for my family in criminal court and now our worries are over! Special thanks to Mr. Speek and Chrissy.

I drove all the way to Chattanooga just for Mr. Speek to represent me. I was facing 3 felony charges out of McMinn County and needed the best. Mr. Speek got 2 charges completely dropped and one charge plead down to a misdemeanor with unsupervised probation. Also a big thank you to Chrissy for coming down and putting on the finishing touches! I could not have chosen better representation elsewhere. These guys definitely got the job done. All my worries are gone and I can now move on with my life!

Jonathan Turner can get my money anytime. He did awesome. I was charged with over 12 felonies and he got it dropped down to 3 probational charges with a diversion. Also thanks to Christian and Candace. Whenever someone ask about a lawyer I always refer them to Mr. Turner.

I worked with these guys when I worked for Judge Stern in Criminal Court.Great Attorneys. I highly recommend them.

Excellent firm! My attorney fought hard for me.

Thanks to Mr. Speek for getting my case dismissed. He and his team are the real deal!!!

I have had Kiff as my divorce attorney for over a year now. He one of if not the only pleasant surprise during this extremely difficult time. After serving 30 years in the US Army including  many combat deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan I came home to one of my biggest battles of my 55 years the break up of my family. I was fortunate to be referred to Kiff and I have not regretted my decision to use him during this divorce. As a Colonel I had many opportunities to judge numerous individual’s character and commitment. I can say without hesitation Kiff has both and more.

After 18 years of marriage with two beautiful children my then wife decided it was time for her to move on. I have had the pleasure of having Kiff Newkirk represent me over the past four years both with divorce representation and matters of parenting rights. I have found his knowledge, behavior and mannerism in the office and courtroom second to none. In my opinion, his interest as it pertained to the children’s wellbeing has always been both fair and honorable. I will without hesitation recommend Kiff Newkirk to friends and family should they need the legal expertise he possesses. In reading the negative comments below I can personally say I have never over the four years Kiff has represented me both on the phone, office and courtroom have been nothing but positive. I will close saying his staff also has always been proactive when dealing with them.

I have used Mr. Newkirk in the past and currently using his services now (probably for the next 16 years at no fault of his). Kiff had to get me out of a bad situation that a previous Attorney dug me into by not telling me about court dates. I respect the fact that Kiff will shoot straight with you when others will tell you what you want to hear. I want to hear what the laws will do for me not what I think the laws should do for me and that’s exactly how he tells you. With that, Mr. Newkirk has fought hard for me to gain FULL Guardianship of my son which is unheard of for a father to get in our Judicial system. I have and I will continue to recommend Kiff and his staff to everyone I talk to. Thank You Kiff.

When I filed for divorce from my abusive ex-husband I was so scared. After meeting with Kiff and talking I felt so much better and felt confident Kiff would take care of everything for me. Anytime I had a question, he answered it where I could understand and he always returned my call the day of our after I left a message if he was not in the office. My case was a very tough one because my x husband could not follow court orders. Kiff, along with the judge was able to get my x under control after 2 years. During this time, Kiff got me custody of my daughter and stayed on top of the game in every proceeding. I highly recommend Kiff Newkirk as an attorney for divorce and custody issues.

I found Mr. Newkirk through my mother’s divorce papers. See I was coerced into marriage by some crazy person and I needed to find a lawyer quickly because I wanted to get out of the marriage before it was too late and my mom decided to look at her divorce papers and we found him on there. When I was finally able to put an Order Of Protection on him and once it was filed I was then able to start the process of my annulment and Mr.Newkirk was determined to get me an annulment and not a divorce because I didn’t want it to show on my record as ever being married to him. I would highly recommend him because he did an amazing job and I truly thank him for that!

Walked out of the courtroom a happy single woman thanks to Mr.Newkirk. I met Mr. Newkirk when I got my divorce from my husband in 1996. I didn’t know much about this so I looked in the Yellow Pages back then and it’s a good thing I still had my divorce papers because my daughter was in dire need of a lawyer and that’s how we contacted Mr. Newkirk!

If looking for a good attorney, I was very satisfied with the honesty and outcome of this attorney, Jonathan Turner.

Bill Speek along with his assistant Candace were top notch with helping us through a trying time. Their work ethic and commitment was by far the best money ever spent. Mr. Speek is a very hard, committed worker to fight for you…. and he will “fight” for you! Absolutely the best of the best in my book. Because of Mr. Speek my son today has a bright future ahead of him.

I hired Jonathan Turner several months ago to help me with a bad situation I had gotten into. I shopped around and talked to many attorneys. Most all of the other attorneys I spoke with tried to scare me into hiring them. Jonathan was up front and honest and never begged for my business. He told me what he could do for me, and actually got better results than he first expected. He always returned my phone calls and kept me updated in the case. I highly recommend him for any criminal case!

Jonathan Turner is by the most helpful and candid attorney I’ve ever spoken with. He provided me with a wealth of knowledge and instilled a vast amount of confidence in a short period of time… I hold his opinion in the highest regard. You could not make a mistake retaining him as your attorney.

Excellent Lawyers that do what they say and fight / defend their clients rights and interests. Great company with a great staff of people. Highly recommend.

Thanks to Bill Speek and his wonderful assistant, they saved my life from going down the wrong road. Wouldn’t think twice if I had to use them again.

Wooow. Speek did what he does and he beat the cases. Everything dismissed. Will use them over and over if needed.

The best lawyers office I ever known.